Bladeworks 2024 – Registration Full!

Registration for Bladeworks is now Full! We’re delighted to announce that there was so much interest this year that we’ve hit capacity already! Anyone registering from this point on will be added to a reserve list in case of cancellations.

You cans ee the draft timetable below. There might be a few workshop shifts in location or a couple swap around in terms of days, or the times for the various Sunday fechtschule may be refined a bit, but in general, this is it! Registration is here. Please note, Bladeworks is an event intended for existing HEMA practitioners. Some of our workshops are beginner friendly, but in general at least a little experience and training in a HEMA class is required before attending.

Just like Bladeworks 2023, we’ve booked in at Ganaway Activity Centre out on the rocky coast of the Ards Peninsula out east past Belfast. As with 2023, we’ll have the two nice sports halls to play in, and we’ll have the same on-site accommodation and social areas. The cost of this accommodation will be included in the event fee. We have a variety of excellent HEMA instructors running workshops across the weekend, with some Fechtschule style tournaments on the Sunday, and of course, excellent socialising in the evenings, accommodations in the onsite bunkrooms, and a beautiful location on the shores of the Irish Sea.

Come and join us from Friday 31st May to Sunday 2nd June 2024 for another weekend of good fencing, good training, and socialising with good friends.

We’re delighted to announce three workshops on the longsword from our keynote instructor Arto Fama of Zwaard & Steen. Along these across the weekend will be workshops on: messer from Lauren Ireland of York School of Defence, sidesword from Oliver Barker of Medieval Combat Group, longsword from Helen Gallagher of HEMA Ireland, catch wrestling from Chris Halpin of York School of Defence, and halfsword/spear/polearm from Tom Gorman of The Exiles Galway.

Most of these will run on the Saturday, some will run on the Sunday alongside our various fechtschule. As with last year we’ll have a longsword fechtschule for beginners (low equipment), a mixed steel single handed weapons fechtschule, and a steel longsword fectschule.