Art That Adorns You 2024

This Easter we took a trip across to one of our favourite HEMA events of the year – The Art That Adorns You 2024, organised and hosted by York School of Defence. This is always an exceptionally fun and welcoming event, and a combination of some great technical teaching, some really lovely fencing in the low-protection steel tournament, great historical information in the afternoon lecture on the Sunday, and just awesome fun and madness with things like the spacehopper jousting at lunchtimes. It was an absolute pleasure to spend a weekend around so many happy HEMA folk getting stuck into training and having a great time.

One of our instructors, Ross, taught a staff workshop at the event, and one of our assistant instructors, Kelly, taught a messer vs longsword workshop. Both went well and we hope everyone had at least as much fun taking them as we had teaching them! Huge thanks to Chris and Lauren of York School of Defence for organising the event and inviting us to teach, to everyone at YSD for being such a welcoming and helpful group, and everyone else at the event, whether teaching or attending, that make it such a great weekend! Can’t wait til the next one!

All photographs courtesy of Valerie HEMA Photographer.