Welcome to the website of Medieval Combat Group!

We are a HEMA (Historical European Martial Arts) class based in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Medieval Combat Group provide classes, group lessons, and private tuition in 15th century medieval swordcraft and martial arts, as well as running HEMA events, and demonstrations and outreach. We study the medieval fighting techniques of the longsword and messer, along with a little staff, dagger, and sword & buckler. All of this is the unarmoured swordfighting and associated arts found in the medieval fencing manuals – we don’t train in armoured bohurt/Battle of the Nations or similar, and we use modern protective equipment and training practices to allow us to stay as unencumbered as possible whilst staying safe to allow us to train and apply the techniques as fully as possible. On this page you’ll find information about us, on how to join, what we teach, and some of the events we run and attend.

For information on joining our classes, check the How to Join page, and then sign yourself up to the mailing list for news of upcoming foundation/beginner level classes and courses. If you have any questions about the classes or training not covered by the Classes or Frequently Asked Questions pages on this site, you can get in contact with us via the form here, or Facebook.

Any questions, please feel free to contact us, either through this site, or through our Facebook page.